Chubais Igor

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  • 3, 2006

    • What kind of Russia we need, or how to end the dispute over the Russian idea.

      The article raises a question of a Russian national idea and comments on different ways of its interpretation. The author considers a perception of the national idea both on an everyday and a philosophic level. A considerable attention is devoted to the problem of continuity with the historical Russia. Finally, I.Chubais provides for his own definition of a national idea. In his view, morality, historic spirit, construction and democracy should become the essence of a regenerated and reformed Russian idea, or an all-Russian idea. It is the orientation on these values that, he believes, should be an optimum way to overcome our conceptual and identity crisis through establishment of solid Russian coordinates.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2006-42-3-20-28

      Pages: 20-28