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  • 2, 2008

    • REQUEST FOR XENOPHOBIAMigration Attitudes of the Main Interest Groups and Political Forces in Contemporary Russia

      The article is devoted to studying the reasons why an efficient and economically accurate migration policy is missing in our country. D.Vas’kovich analyzes migration attitudes of various interest groups and political forces and arrives at the conclusion that in the 1990s the development of this policy was hindered by the quarters that derived economic profit from the spontaneity and lack of cohesion in the unfolding migration processes in the Russian territory (criminal structures, construction companies, etc.) whereas today, when the nationalist feeling is mounting within Russian society, it is the state power that substantially impedes advancement in this direction because it does not want to release its grip over the powerful political resource into which the campaign against the non-indigenous individuals has turned.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2008-49-2-76-82