1, 2017

Russian Polity

Olga Malinova
Constructing "Liberalism" in Post-Soviet Russia.The Legacy of the 1990s in the Ideological Battles of the 2000s

Andrei Melville
Neoconservative Consensus in Russia?Main Components, Factors of Stability, Potential for Erosion

Political Theories

Kirill Koktysh
Onthology of Rational (IV)

Igor Krasavin
Political Economy of Social System: Connections, Relations and Organization

Anton Aisin
Political Space Between Formal Rules and Real Capabilities: Problem of Multitudinous Representation

Paradigms of Social Development

Victor Martianov
Political Ontology of Modernity: in Search of Mercurial Majority

Andrey Korotayev, Stanislav Bilyuga, Alisa Shishkina
GDP Per Capita, Intensity of Anti-Government Demonstrations and Level of Education (Cross-national Analysis)

Political Parties

Elena Pavlova
Mechanism of Normative Power (Image of the Other and Party Podemos)


Ivan Grigoriev
Strategic Approach to Judicial Politics and Ratio of External and Internal Judicial Institutions in Organization of Judicial Power

Gubernatorial readings

Where Does Wind Blow from the East?Twenty-Seventh Gubernatorial Readings. Tyumen, December 7th, 2016