3, 2017

Paradigms of social development

Leonid Fishman
Does Modern Mass Conciousness Exist?

Electoral Process

Alexander Kynev
Disproportional Russia. Territorial Representation in State Duma under Proportional Electoral System

Rostislav Turovsky, Yury Gaivoronsky
Economic Influence on Electoral Behavior in Russia: is "Contract" Between Power and Society Working?

Alexei Gilev, Andrey Semenov, Irina Shevtsova
"Political Machines" and their "Drivers": Electoral Administration at Local Level

Political theories

Anatoly Kaniukov
Presupposition of Trust

Historical Retrospective: Contemplations and Hypotheses

Andrey Shcherbak, Yana Gerina, Daria Berdyuzhenko, Alina Mendygalieva, Anastasia Zaitseva
Foreign Policy Influence on USSR's Ethnic Policy

Religion and Politics

Anna Kulkova
Religion or Communist Legacy?Influence of Religion on Attitudes towards Welfare State in European Countries


Alexander Ostroverkhov
In Searching for Theory of One-Party Dominance: World Experience of Studying Dominant-Party Systems (I)

Gubernatorial readings

Policy as Public Administration, Public Administration as Policy: Recruting Leaders and Elites in Contemporary World (Twenty-ninth Gubernatiorial Readings. Tyumen, June 6th, 2017)

Book Review

Andrey Teslya
Inconceivable Object.Pierre Bourdieu on Production of Monopoly on the Official and Universal (Bourdieu P. On the State: Lectures at the Coll ge de France (19891992) / Ed. by P.Champagne, R.Lenoir, F.Pupo, M.-K.Rivier; translated from French by D.Kralechkin and P.Kushnareva; foreword by A.Bikbov. M.: Publishing House Delo, RANEPA, 2016)

Elvira Leontyeva
Informal Economy: a Model Kit.(Barsukova S.Yu. Essay on the Informal Economy, or 16 Shades of Gray. 2nd edition. M.: The Higher School of Economics Publishing House, 2017)