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The Journal of Political Theory, Political Philosophy and Sociology of Politics Politeia is one of the top-rated Russian scholarly research journals in the field of political science. It is listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia.

Politeia meets high quality standards of international research as well as represents traditions of the Russian philosophic thought. The journal seeks to generate a broad discussion among theorists and experts. Its target audience transcends academic community and includes politicians, public policy-makers as well as those simply fascinated by politics.

Politeia publishes theoretical and empirical articles from a wide variety of fields throughout the discipline. Research interests of Politeia do not confine to problems of political institutions and special groups that intend to influence political decision-making. The journal pays close attention to the analysis of broad societal processes that also embrace acitivies of civil society as a whole, NGOs, participation of citizens. Overall, articles and essays aim at deepening our understanding of how different polities emerge and evolve, at analyzing differences and similarities in their types, the way people live under different political settings with the special focus on the Russian polity and its citizens.

Politeia is not affiliated with any political group or party.

All submissions are subject to peer-review. There is no application fee for a submission.

Politeia provides an open access to the articles which are available online for free via http://politeia.ru/english/content/arhiv-zhurnala/.

Politeia has been published quarterly since 1996. The journal was founded by Alexei M. Salmin, the prominent Russian political scientist and analyst. Now Politeia’s Editorial Board consists partly of scholars who worked with him.

ISSN: 2078-5089

e-ISSN: 2587-5914

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