Author Guidelines

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  1. Submissions should be sent via given email of the Journal in *.doc or *.docx formats.
  2. All articles are published free of charge and without any concern for the author's scientific status (even in case of graduate students).
  3. The following information should be attached to the article: Author's First name, Last name, Middle name, scientific degree, affiliation and academic position, phone number, e-mail. Articles received via third parties are not accepted and even not reviewed.
  4. Abstract (in Russian and, if possible, in English) should be attached to the article. It should not exceed 1,000 symbols with spaces. 3–5 key words of the article have to be listed at the end of the abstract, both in Russian and English.
  5. Target length is 30–40,000 symbols with spaces. Articles exceeding this length are reviewed only in exceptional cases.
  6. References should cover all mentioned and quoted authors and sources. References and notes should be given in footnotes on each page, with continuous numbering. Quotations have to be checked thoroughly.
  7. Footnotes should be used sparingly. Please, if possible, include them as shorts comments in the main text.
  8. Text of the article should be proofread by the author himself/herself and put in accordance with modern Russian style,  orthography, syntax and other language norms before sending it to the editorial board. No contractions can be used.
  9. Tables and pictures should be numbered and titled. Please, double-check data in tables. Placement of figures and tables in the main text should be clearly indicated. Pictures have to be black-and-white. Pictures and tables must be integrated into files of *.doc format in case editing is needed.
  10. Editorial board keeps the right to edit and shorten the texts. Editing may be coordinated with the author, however s/he should ask for it beforehand.
  11. All the articles that the editorial board view as corresponding to the profile, concept and topics of the Journal are to be reviewed. The first-hand decision over accepting the submitted articles are to be made by the board that includes Editor-in-chief and all the sub-chief editors of the Journal "Politeia." Articles that fail to have passed the procedure will not be published.
  12. The editorial board makes a final decision to publish or decline the article in accordance with the opinions of the members of the board. Members vote anonymously: either names of the authors or names of the board's members are not disclosed. You could inform yourself further about the reviewing process here (in Russian)
  13. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Exceptions are only possible for pre-prints. Authors must inform the editorial board if there is a published pre-print of the submitted article.