Author Guidelines

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1. Manuscripts should be submitted via email ( in the following formats: * .doc, * .docx.

2. All manuscripts are published on a free basis, regardless of an author’s academic position (including graduate students).

3. Authors should attach the following information: author’s full name, academic degree and academic title, place of work, position, contact phone number, e-mail. Articles submitted by the intermediary organizations will not be considered.

4. Authors should attach an abstract (200-250 words approximately). At the end of an abstract include 5-7 keywords.

5. The recommended word count for a manuscript is 6,000-8,000 words. Texts that exceed this volume are considered only in exceptional cases.

6. All authors and sources cited in the text should be included in the reference list. Both in-text citations and comments should be given in footnotes with end-to-end numbering. All citations should be carefully proofread.

7. Please keep footnotes to a minimum, mostly for citations and short comments, due to Politeia’s design.

8. Submissions must follow the requested format in terms of style, spelling, syntax and other linguistic norms. Do not use abbreviations.

9. Tables and figures should be numbered and named. All data in figures and tables must be double-checked by authors. The main text should include references to all tables and figures with their corresponding numbers. Place figures and tables exactly where they should fall in the text. Figures should be readable in grayscale. Figures and tables should be integrated into a * .doc (*.docx) format in case it is necessary to edit them.

10. The Editorial Office reserves the right to shorten and edit articles. Upon an author’s request, such revisions are subject to an agreement with authors.

11. All manuscripts submitted to Politeia that speak to the journal’s areas of research and frameworks will be reviewed. A decision on whether a manuscript corresponds to the covered research areas is made exclusively by the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors on a consensus basis. Articles that are desk-rejected by the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors will not be forwarded for review.

12. The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors make a final decision whether the article is accepted for publication or rejected on the basis of the received expert review. All reviews are double-blinded. The review procedure is described in details in the section "Peer review process”.

13. Manuscripts that have been previously published elsewhere (including Internet versions) or currently submitted to other publishers cannot be published in the Journal. Exceptions are made only for preprints. Authors must notify the editors if the submitted manuscript has a preprint.