A. V.Yarkeev

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  • № 1, 2021

    • Miracle as Theological Paradigm of Sovereign Power

      The article justifies the approach to the essence of sovereign power from the point of view of the Western Christian theological paradigm. In this regard, the author considers the “miraculous” aspect of the power of the sovereign, derived from the idea of the absolute power of God, whose volitional decision is capable of limiting/suspending the operation of natural laws in the manifested form of a miracle. In the most general sense, a miracle is understood as a divine act that is extraordinary (exceptional) in nature, an act that interrupts the usual phenomenological series, proclaims the will of God and has the property of “salvation”. Thus, the theological concept of a miracle turns out to be a paradigm of secular sovereign power, based on the exclusive right to decide on a state of emergency. The concept of sovereignty, which includes the notion of the absoluteness and indivisibility of the supreme power, has a theological origin, since absolute power can only be an attribute of an absolute being, that is, God. The secularization and politicization of theological concepts build sovereign power on the basis of the equality between the sovereign and God, giving the state ruler the place that God occupied in the universe. The personified image of the sovereign represents a logically necessary completion of the hierarchical system of power. The transformation of the monarchic principle of sovereign power into the people’s democratic one leads to the formation of an administrative-bureaucratic state, where the criterion of sovereignty is not legitimacy, but the effectiveness of managerial actions, which involves the permanent use of emergency measures. The “salvation” of God’s miraculous actions finds its manifestation in the “salvific” purpose of emergency measures aimed at ensuring public safety by preventing fictitious threats. The totalization of the threat establishes a mode of functioning of the sovereign power, which within an exception to the law (“a miracle”) becomes equal to the law.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2021-100-1-27-43

      Pages: 27-43