Bliakher Pavel

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  • № 1, 2013

    • Regional Situation and Power Discourse Crericalization

      The article is devoted to the analysis of the religious situation in the Russian Federation on the example of the Far Eastern Federal District. On the basis of the empirical data P.Blyakher demonstrates that mass surveys indicating the growth of religious sentiments in the country reflect the reality of mass media and government structures rather than the reality that millions of Russians live in. According to the author’s conclusion, the attempts to impose religiousness in Russia resulted in the formation of another virtual space between the society and the power that is equally alien to both of them. The artificial actualization of values that are not obviously present in the everyday life of most citizens, spawns reality-simulacrum that becomes subject to the analysis, whereas the very life of people, both religious and atheistic ones, appears to be driven out of the critical reflection.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2013-68-1-80-92