Chernyshov Yuri

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  • № 2, 1999


      When did the profession of a political consultant emerge? To answer the question the author addresses the story of a stoic philosopher Blossius of Cumae (II century BC) who was an assistant to Thiberius Grakh, and after the death of the latter became an adviser to Aristonic, who revolted against Rome. Analysing the activity of this philosopher the author comes to the conclusion that though political consulting as a special form of professional activity (that is in the "narrow" sense) became widely used only in the period of the industrialised civilisation, political consultants by mission did exist in earlier epochs as well. Generally speaking, political consulting in a "broad" sense in all epochs was an attribute of serious politics and thus can be considered to be of the same age as the human civilisation as such.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-12-2-214-223

      Pages: 214-223