Dergachev Alexander

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  • № 4, 2002

    • Parliamentary Elections and New Political Situation in Ukraine

      The article of the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian journal «Politichna Dumka» analyzes the elections to the Vehovnaya Rada. The author studies them not only through the prism of the election returns, particularities of the election campaign, the electoral technologies that had been used, etc., but also as a reflection and a catalyst of the crisis changes in Ukrainian society. A. Dergachev states particularly that there is a deteorisation of long-termes perspectives for the existing regime, although the power is still capable of getting the needed tactical results in the majority of cases.

      The work broaches both western and Russian factors, the prospects of Russian-Ukrainian relationship are estimated.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2002-27-4-19-34

      Pages: 19-34