Druzhilovsky Sergey

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  • 4, 2007

    • Iran: evolution of the Islamic model of development.

      The article places its main emphasis on consideration of changes in the model of development which happened and keep on happening in the country since the Islamic revolution of the late 1970s. The author points at the appearance of new articles in the Iranian Constitution, at the factual non-use of separate odious laws, at the shift of emphases in social and economic spheres. In recent years, according to S.Druzhilovsky, foreign policy priorities have also seriously changed. The policy of self-isolation and export of the «Islamic revolution» have been overcome, and there is demonstration of readiness to international economic integration and political dialogue.

      The author of the article believes that the collapse of the Islamic regime in Iran in the foreseeable future is improbable. It turned out to be so stable, because it does not fear to reject the existing stereotypes if they hamper a successful development of the state.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2007-47-4-139-146