Evgenyeva Tatiana

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  • № 4, 2017

    • Transformation of National-State Identity of Russian Youth in the Post-Soviet Period: Values' Foundations and Symbolic Representations

      The article presents generalized results of the study of the national-state identity of the Russian youth in the post-Soviet period. Political-psychological approach was employed as a theoretical-methodological foundation for the analysis. On the basis of the empirical data collected during the implementation of the long-term research project Formation of National-State Iden- tity in Modern Russia, T.Evgenyeva and A.Selezneva trace changes in the value-symbolic space of the youth’s identity — from the “emptiness” of the 1990s to the contradictory fragmentation of the 2010s — and document key psychological problems associated with this process. In their opinion, the “Crimean consensus” failed to become a sufficiently solid ground for the construction of the Russian nation and is gradually losing its significance as a factor of civil self-identification. In this situation, civil self-identification among young people can take the form of searching for alternative social and political projects, increasing interest in images and symbols offered by opposition politicians.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2017-87-4-48-64

      Pages: 48-64