Faroukshin Midhat

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  • № 4, 1999


      The author examines the transformational processes in Russia, with one of the subjects of the Russian Federation – Republic of Tatarstan – as example. The analysis of the features of the internal political development of Tatarstan leads him to the conclusion that an "authoritarian situation" has been formed there, and it is characterized by the following: a) the presence of the dominant actor; b) the preponderance of the informal institutes; c) the dominance of the executive power; d) the limitation of the role of the parliament to the formalization of the decisions already accepted; e) the impossibility to dismiss the real bearers of power by means of the elections, etc. The future of Tatarstan, in the author's opinion, can develop according to the one of the following three scenarios: stabilization of the present "authoritarian situation" for an indefinite period, changes in the direction of the classic authoritarism, evolution to the democracy. The implementation of the latter scenario will be possible only if the local political elite and its policy change, that in its turn depends on the level of Republic people's maturity, the sharpness of the inside elite contradictions and the pressure on the part of the federal center.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-14-4-122-132

      Pages: 122-132