Fedotova Valentina

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  • 1, 2005

    • Thinking about recent past. Breakthrough to freedom. Perestroika: twenty years after. Critical analysis. (Proryv k svobode. O perestroike dvadtsat let spustya. Kritichesky analiz.) / Sost. V.B.Kuvaldin. Otv. red. A.B.Veber. - M.: Alpina Business Books. 2005. 435 p

      The book under review presents a fundamental collective monograph on the beginning of perestroika in the USSR, with perestroika’s active players – M.Gorbatchev's followers or important witnesses of events – sharing their recollections on perestroika and assessing it from today's perspective.

      The author is focused on an attempt to find answers to the following questions: was perestroika a start to the democratic modernization of Russia or a time of illusions and lost opportunities? What are the social and political meaning and prospects of current reforms? Is perestroika a phenomenon of the past, the present or the future? How to implement a reform so as not to lose all the valuable the country had had and to use new achievements? V.Fedotova believes that M.Gorbatchev made an attempt to reform the Soviet system (a little too late) and called for a new thinking (a little too early).