Graham Thomas E.

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  • № 3, 1999

    • Corruption in Russia and the Future US Policy (before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, September 30, 1999)

      According to the author, the problem of corruption in Russia is inherited from the Soviet period and is very acute today. The "property owners" enrich themselves by preying on the weakness of the state and by stripping assets from property that once belonged to the state as a whole. The corruption has become pervasive and the officials still greedier. From this perspective the author formulates the approaches that the US policy to Russia should be based on. Those approaches include: the introduction of the US legislative acts, that would tighten the supervision over the US banking and financial systems to make them less vulnerable for laundering operations; further efforts to integrate Russia and Russian business into the global economy; specific measures aimed at least partial restoration of the goodwill Russians used to have for the United States.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-13-3-123-129

      Pages: 123-129