Guirenko Yuri

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  • № 2, 1999

    • THE PROVINCIAL DIMENSION OF THE ELECTIONS (The Example of the Rostov Region)

      Political and economic characteristics of the Rostov region are typical for Russian regions, and thus the on-going processes in the region can also be considered as characteristic for the Russian province. Having analysed the organisational and technological devices that had been used in the Rostov region in the period between the end of 1993 to 1998, the author singles out four types of campaigns: party campaigns (the accent is made on the ideological component and the technologies used are quite primitive), outsiders' campaigns (based on the exploitation of the protest attitudes; the charisma and a serious organisational efforts are their indispensable characteristics), bosses' campaigns (oriented on the administrative manipulation methods, directly supported by the power structures) and insiders' campaigns (partial support or favourable neutrality on behalf of the local authorities and the use of various technologies). These types of campaigns are also characteristic of the federal elections; thus, according to the author, G.Zyuganov is obviously oriented on the party campaign, A.Lebed - to the outsiders' campaign, Yu.Luzhkov - to the bosses' campaign and G.Yavlinsky - to the insiders' one. Each type of the campaign presupposes specific political resources and dictates a certain algorithm of the behaviour of the candidate and his team, and thus it is essential for the candidate to determine correctly his appropriate model and to choose the methods that would correspond to the selected type of the campaign.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-12-2-61-74

      Pages: 61-74