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  • № 3, 1997

    • Russian Peacekeeping Operations: External Perspective

      The purpose of the paper is to contribute to a brief but reasonably accurate picture of what Russian Peacekeeping Operations actually encompass, the knowledge of which is a precondition for the West to act, react and respond to Russian developments in a coherent and responsible manner. Author implies that instability and conflict in the CIS region will most probably remain on the international security agenda for a long time to come. Author assumes that allowing conflicts to «burn themselves out» is not a sustainable option due to the humanitarian, moral, economic and social consequences of such a policy. Russia is currently peacekeeping within the CIS, because it serves Russia’s national interests; the West is not, because it doesn’t. Essentially, the two issues taken together generate the overriding dilemma of Russian peacekeeping in the former Soviet Union.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1997-5-3-76-87

      Pages: 76-87