Ignatenko Alexander

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  • № 4, 2007

    • Islam in the 21st century: main vectors of research.

      The article provides for a critical analysis of the state and the development of modern Islam studies. The author shares the idea of studying Islam from «within», that is by Muslims themselves who analyze it if from the perspective of faith, and from «outside», that is using methods and procedures of history, sociology, political studies, etc. Alexander Ignatenko states a considerable lag of Islam studies as regards changes and transformations taking place in Islam. The author of the article places the multiple unprofessional attempts to study and interpret Islam based on political and other demands into a separate category that, to his mind, falls beyond the scope of Islam studies. Apart from that, the article touches upon the problems of «construction of Islam», establishment of a «new Islam» (primarily in the CIS states with Muslim population) that was conducted using non-Islamic conceptual «blocks» and movements from the past social experience.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2007-47-4-7-34