Ivanchenko Alexei

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  • № 4, 2003

    • Reform of local self-government: legal perspective. (Constitutional and legislative bases of local self-government in the Russian Federation. M.: Yurisprudentsia, 2004. – 304 p.)

      According to the critic, the book represents a qualified attempt to give a systematic analysis of the reform of local self-government that was initiated by a 2003 federal law. It is emphasized that the authors of the book are high-level professionals, who justified the need of the reform and directly participated in the elaboration of the new law. Among the merits of the book A.Ivanchenko also names the presence of different, sometimes opposite evaluations of the same phenomena and normative decisions, differing positions of authors on fundamental problems of Russian municipal law. In the opinion of A.Ivanchenko, such a scientific discussion would be very useful for the development of local self-government theory.