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  • 3, 2012

    • withinreasonablelimits (Plevako N.S., Chernysheva O.V. Is it possible to become a Swede? immigrant Adaptation and integration policy in Sweden after World War II. M.: KRASAND, 2012)

      According to P.Kandel’s assessment, the book under review provides the extensive and versatile view on the change in scopes and nature of immigration in Sweden, the evolution of immigration policy and policy of integration of immigrants into the Swedish society. To his mind, what is essential and novel is that these processes are viewed not only at the theoretical, normative and legal levels, but also from the point of their reflection in the everyday life. In contrast to the authors of many other works on the similar topic, N.Plevako and O.Chernysheva refuse to regard immigrants as a passive object of policy with its subject being state. The structure and content of their monograph are dictated by the solution to a more fruitful task – assessing successes and failures of the immigration policy from the positions of both accepting and immigrating communities.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2012-66-3-180-182