Kaspe S. I.

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  • № 1, 2021

    • From the Editor

      That this number of Politeia is special, we noticed by chance, unexpectedly for ourselves. Such is the specificity of the magazine work — "the wheels must turn", one issue has not even been completed yet, and the next one is already being prepared... So it is now — presenting the urbi et orbi hundredth number, we are working on the one hundred and first and thinking about the one hundred and second.

      This time, however, the magic of the round numbers took its toll. It seemed to us that a hundred numbers is a sufficient reason to think about what has already been done, and what to do next, and, most importantly, what is the meaning of all this activity. How to avoid the relentless "routine of charisma" that overtakes almost everyone who subordinates their vocation and profession to the monotonous rhythm of"technical reproducibility"? What if it's already happened?

      Of course, we ourselves could not answer this difficult question and turned to the friends of the magazine, which, fortunately, and not coincidentally, makes up the color, cream of the cream of Russian political science. We asked them: why does Politiya magazine exist in our world at all? what place does it occupy in the domestic intellectual landscape? how could they describe the face of "Politiya"? The friends replied; their observations made up the first column of the hundredth issue.

      Pages: 6-7