Kisovskaya Natalia

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  • 1, 2000

    • Russian Parties and Western Model

      The most part of the post-soviet Russian parties did not become the mass national organizations and thus could not express the interests of the social stratum. The constitution adopted in 1993 moved the parties away the policy; the groups of interests and the mass media took a number of their functions. That was a stumbling block on the way of the parties' conversion into an authoritative power. The crisis of the Russian parties, reminding in some aspects the situation in the West, however had different consequences. Western parties have already fulfilled their mission in the creation of the highly developed civil society, the establishment of the democratic institutes and the formation of the adequate political culture. The way to form the party democracy, where the parties play the role of the main policy subject at the modern stage is closed for Russia.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2000-15-1-46-50

      Pages: 46-50