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  • № 3, 2001

    • Youri Luzhkov: Political Leader’s Image

      The authors concentrate their attention on the electoral campaign of the key politician of the post-soviet period - Youri Luzkov. They try to generalize the results of using political technologies aimed at the creation or changing the image of a politician. The arguments and the counter-arguments used in the struggle and how they are related to the public ideas of the «good» and the «bad» national leader are analyzed. The analysis was done on the basis of numerous publications (more then 200 articles) of 1998 - 1999. According to the authors, the instability and the exposure to the variations in electors’ opinion characterize the current political situation in Russian. This is caused by the loose articulation of the political interests of different social groups, and gives the room for manipulating the public consciousness with the help of Mass Media and for replacing the real picture of the world with the set of mythological ideas and symbols.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2001-21-3-45-70

      Pages: 45-70

  • № 1, 2001

    • Russian-Ukrainian Relationships as the Main Factor of Establishing Stability in the Post-Soviet Space

      The author shows that in the 1990-ies the bilateral relations between Russia and Ukraine were mostly based on myths and stereotypes. These relationships were also a major problem in the political struggle (especially for Ukraine) and that is why they were inevitably ideological by nature. According to the author, these relationships are going to remain complicated and controversial. At the same time Ukraine as well as Russia are objectively interested in the friendly relationships between each other and the West. The optimum variant would be promoting integration into the European structures by parallel and coordinated courses.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2001-19-1-103-140

      Pages: 103-140

    • Crossborder Cooperation in the Russian-Ukrainian Relationships

      The article is prepared by Russian and Ukrainian sides. Its conclusions are based on the comparative analysis of the statistical data and the materials of the Council of the Heads of the crossborder regions of the Republic Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The authors compare the current level of the socio-economic development of the crossborder regions, research the model of crossborder cooperation in bilateral and multilateral mode, assess the role of crossborder cooperation in the general dynamics of Russian-Ukrainian relationships.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2001-19-1-141-165

      Pages: 141-165