Kravetz Igor

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  • № 2, 1997

    • Constitutionalism in Russia at the Beginning of the XX Century and the Constitutional Reform of December 12, 1993

      To understand the current tasks of constitutional build-up in Russia Kravetz addresses the beginnings of constitutionalism in the Russian Empire of the early XX century. The author demonstrates that unlike that period, when the transition to constitution implied efforts to limit the monarchy, the actual constitutional system building is seeking the creation of a rule-of-law state. However, there is a tradition to associate the versions of constitutionalism with the character of conflict in today's Russia lie to a large extent in the failure of the early XX century attempts to transform the constitutional order and to create an efficient state-society relationship model, able to guarantee both the constitutional stability and the legal protection of fundamental individual rights and freedoms.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1997-4-2-67-84

      Pages: 67-84