Kulyushin Nikolay

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  • № 4, 2007

    • The Shiite model of theocracy: from imamat to velayat-e fakikh

      The author notes that during the recent decades the notion of theocracy has rather become the lot of historic political science. At the same time, political institutes and processes in many regions of the world do not allow to withdraw the «divine» from consideration, even though it is an important factor. Analyzing the Shiite model of theocracy, N.Kulyushin focuses primarily on the political features of Shiisme.

      The article compares models of power in Shiite and Sunnite Islam and in detail considers the dynamics of the evolution of the latter. According to N.Kulyushin, its most important result was that in all its interpretations an ecclesiastic is viewed as a head of an ideal state. This circumstance on the whole stimulated the activity of Shiite clergy, especially at the time of crises.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2007-47-4-90-103