Lapshev Pavel

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  • № 4, 1998

    • Typology of Municipalities: Governance Approach

      As rudiments of industruial society are dissapearing, it is (a) the complexity of municipalities’ internal organisation and (b) the degree of integration of municipal government and self-government processes that will become the most typological characteristics of municipalities, as the composition of the territory, administrative value of the central habitation, and the population numbers, the authors single out three main typological groups, urban, complex, and rural. Analysis of the materials of the municipalities’ contest campaign waged in 1997 to 1998 has completely confirmed the adequacy of such typology. Fundamental distinctions between the main typological groups, as revealed in the course of the contest campaign, reflected the different resource potentialities and the I different tempos of the formation, in Russia, of local self-government as such.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1998-10-4-51-71

      Pages: 51-71