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  • № 3, 2004

    • Russian political reform and integration processes in the CIS, problems and deadlocks (comments to the article by K. Truevtsev)

      According to the authors, Russia again found itself trapped by the territorial approach both to foreign and domestic policy. And under the conditions of global information, financial and human flows the direct territorial control does not any more work.

      In particular, K. Truevtsev writes about possible ways to political legal integration between Russia and such countries as Ukraine and Kazakhstan. One of the ways could be the formation of national parties in these countries. These are the parties, which act as the core of the integration in the European Union.

      The article gives the four hypothetical scenarios of the development of events in the post-soviet territory.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2004-34-3-60-71

      Pages: 60-71