Mezhuev Vadim

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  • № 3, 2000

    • Problem of Contamporaneity in the Context of Modernization and Globalization

      The article is devoted to the criticism of modernization approach taken into practice by Russian westernizers. The author shows that the problem of modernization i.e. the transfer to contemporaneity occurs in the atmosphere of the deepest chronopolitical trauma caused by the mentality of one’s backwardness in comparison to other nations. Meanwhile, he believes that under such mentality the development is impossible. If a human being is convinced that he or she is a barbarian he or she will behave accordingly, and the result will be the tyranny in the up and the chaos in the down instead of the development. That is why the author thinks that the only way of returning to contemporaneity and acquiring the adequate identity is the orientation to the global development goals and not to the modernization goals. The author rejects both the recipes of those who call Russia to become Europe and of those who want to reanimate the pre-soviet past. His opinion is that Russia can make a breakthrough in the contemporaniety when it stops identifying modernization with the West, and realizes that other countries face similar problems.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2000-17-3-102-115

      Pages: 102-115