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  • № 3, 2007

    • "UNCATCHABLE JOE" OF CENTRAL ASIA. Russia as the Strategic Resource of Kirghiz Development

      The article covers an attempt to follow the possible directions of modern Kirghiz development. On the basis of the analysis of the state of affairs in the republic the authors come to the conclusion that during the years of independence it failed to respond any of the challenges that came together with freedom and to find its place in the regional and international division of labor. Nevertheless, according to their conclusion this does not mean that Kirghizia did not and will not become a "normal" country. A.Sobianin and V.Misnik relate the prospects of its would be regional "specialization" with Russia. They believe that currently Kirghiz Republic has all to gradually move to the position of a key player, however, as a member of the Russian team.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2007-46-3-32-41