Ostroverkhov Alexander

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  • № 3, 2017

    • In Searching for Theory of One-Party Dominance: World Experience of Studying Dominant-Party Systems (I)

      The article reviews more than 65-year experience of studying dominant-party systems based on the analysis of a set of empirical and theoretical works devoted to the phenomenon of one-party dominance. In the first part of the article published in this issue A.Ostroverkhov examines the stages of one-party dominance conceptualization and compares the main approaches to defining a dominant party and a dominant-party system, revealing insurmountable contradictions between Political Sociology and Political Science regarding this problem. If Political Sociology views one-party dominance as a predominant influence of a particular party in a society caused by certain socio-psychological, cultural-historical, economic and politico-legal reasons, Political Science views it as a merely quantitative superiority of the ruling party over its rivals.