Polyannikov Timur

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  • № 3, 2006

    • Nationalism in (post) modern world.

      According to the author, ethno-political conflicts of the late XX – early XXI centuries clearly demonstrate a dramatic intensification of ethnic consolidation and mobilization processes. T.Polyannikov is not disposed to consider nationalism as mass state of mind characteristic only of the world system’s periphery. He regards today’s activation of ethno-nationalist consciousness as a world-wide phenomenon. The article pays a particular attention to the study of a difficult interrelation between «postmodern» nationalism and the process of globalization, values of liberalism and political democracy. T.Polyannikov believes that the appearance of a “new” nationalism at the confines of the XXI century constitutes a rather natural, although quite dangerous and fraught with many risks, factor of a general process of global democratization.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2006-42-3-67-95

      Pages: 67-95