Ratz Mark

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  • № 3, 2010

    • Bureaucracy Under Changes: Politicians, Managers, and functionaries

      The article presents a novel view on the functioning of the governmental apparatus through the analysis of the activity of politicians, managers, and functionaries. For this purpose, the author employs the notion of “type of activity” elaborated within the Moscow Methodological Club that is introduced in contrast to such famous notions as “job position” and “profession”. The author interprets functionary’s work as a special ideal type of activity designed to secure the maintenance and reproduction of the order emerged that embodies the rule of law and opposes politics and management aiming at changes. M.Ratz draws pictures of the de facto existing and ideal bureaucratic systems that correspond to the ideas about the closed and open types of the societal organization and reveals peculiarities of politics that results in the dominance of either of the two.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2010-5859-3-40-53