Romanenko Sergei

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  • 2, 1998

    • Disintegration of Yugoslavia: a Conspiracy or a Historic Necessity?

      The bloody break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991–1995 was determined by the searching for new forms of national self–determination. Disintegration of the former state was not and could not be caused by a foreign intervention, but it was a result of the previous course of domestic history. The clash of interests and purposes of national movements was inevitable, it took the form of a conflict between pan-ethnic and pan-state ideologies of nations in the process of national self-determination. A certain stage of development of a multinational state the centralistic policy together with social conservatism began to contradict integrating tendencies in economy, and led to disintegration instead of preservation of state integrity.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1998-8-2-159-178

      Pages: 159-178