Rubinsky Youri

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  • № 3, 2001

    • Conflict and Compromise in the French Political Culture

      The article reads about the priority of the political system of conflict and the political system of compromise in the solution of internal and external tasks. It is shown on wide material that the political culture of protest is more typical for France. The French model is compared with the English one, the latter prefers the pragmatic compromise. The author is reluctant to overestimate the experience of the last decade of the XX-th century, which may make an impression that the two models are merging. However, the article shows that the priority of the conflict in French political culture never meant permanent instability and chaos in the country. On the contrary, the French society is more prone to conservatism, to delaying the solution of vexed problems thus escalating socio-political contradictions. Russian traditions with all their specifics are much closer to the French model then to the English one.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2001-21-3-107-123

      Pages: 107-123