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  • № 4, 2003

    • A new stage in developing the local self-government – is the moment of truth to come?

      The authors believe that one of the reasons for a slow and painful recovery of the local self-government lies in the preservation of a system of territorial division that was aimed just at liquidation of public authority. The efforts to establish local self-government today run across the problem of internal organization. That is why the question of administrative limits of local self-government, on the one hand, and administrative limits of state administration, on the other, will remain in the agenda and provoke fierce debates until an administrative and territorial reform is worked out and implemented.

    • On the role of local self-government in Russia and on the destinies of people who devoted themselves to the municipal cause.

      The traditional column of the “Politeia” provides biographic data on Anatoly Yakshin and Tatyana Govorenkova who devoted their lives to reestablishment of Russian municipal science. The ‘archive’ also includes extracts from Govorenkova’s lectures before the Club of municipal public figures.

  • № 3, 2000

    • Succession of Russia and the Problem of Restitution

      The author supports the political movement which strives to restore Russia as a state with one thousand years of history, and he believes that not only the October Revolution but the February Revolution as well was fatal for Russia. Nevertheless, he is convinced that Russia does not need a mechanical restoration but the revival under the reestablishment of its historical succession. He proves that the substantial element of this revival is restitution, however, warning against extreme positions on this issue. He thinks that direct property confiscation would look like an attempt to delete 80 years of national history and making individual people responsible for the deeds of the whole nation, and could give room to new injustice while trying to eliminate the old one. That is why he thinks that during the restitution process the rights and the interests of the owners of the property liable for the restitution should be protected.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2000-17-3-93-101

      Pages: 93-101