Shubin Alexandr

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  • № 2, 1997

    • "Neformaly" as a Factor of Social Life

      The "Neformalnoye" (the non-formal) movement has been a notable phenomenon in the USSR and Russia. Born in the mid-50s and closely linked with "ottepel" ("thaw" – liberalisation of that period) and the dissent movement emergence, the "neformaly" continue to have an impact on the domestic social life. That mouvement was one of the key democratization elements in the USSR and Russia and a sort of school for numerous politicians. The author outlines some distinctive features of the non-formal environment, such as the prevalence of horizontal connections enjoying equal rights versus vertical, ruling administrative ones, a strong bias towards self-management and free information exchange, and other.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1997-4-2-15-26

      Pages: 15-26

  • № 2, 1996