Soloviev Eduard

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  • 1, 2013

    • From Returning to World Civilization to Sovereign Democracy: Evolution of Foreign Policy Conceptions of Russian Parties of Power

      On the basis of the analysis of the foreign policy conceptions of “parties of power” that have been present on the Russian political arena during the last 20 years, N.Rabotyazhev and E.Solovyev demonstrate that the vector of party construction within this segment of the Russian political specter was directed from liberalism to conservatism, and each of the newly created pro-government parties increasingly referred to the conservative values and principles. Radical liberalism of “Choice of Russia” was followed by “centrism” of “Our Home – Russia” that in its turn was followed by the conservative “safeguarding” of “United Russia”, the postulate about the necessity of returning into the “womb of the world civilization” succumbed to the perception of Russia as an independent, unique civilization, and the Westernized idealism was replaced by geopolitical realism. According to the authors’ conclusion, this conservative drift will continue that will unavoidably impact international political attitudes of “United Russia”.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2013-68-1-36-54