Svetlichniy Mikhail

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  • № 2, 2005

    • Top managers in Russia and US: special features of formation, legitimization and political activity. Experience of a typological comparison.

      The object of research is a new element of the Russian society’s social structure represented by owners and top managers of large corporations. The article is based on the comparative analysis of Russian and American business elites. The author underlines that, historically, the “starting positions” of Russian and American entrepreneurship formation turned to be completely different. Among the important national features of American business formation and development and its involvement in politics M.Svetlichniy names their evolutionary character and a step-by-step manner of gaining political experience. The experience of Russia is, in its turn, elementary, pioneer, and thus less predictable in terms of its possible consequences and evolutionary features. Among the obstacles to the public legitimization of Russian entrepreneurship the author calls, namely, its mostly ‘shadow’ and criminal origins.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2005-37-2-140-160

      Pages: 140-160