Tarasov Ilya

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  • 2, 2008


      The article deals with the study of the process of designing the European Union’s “Eastern policy” as viewed from the integration perspective of the CIS countries. According to I.Tarasov, although this policy has not been explicitly shaped, the analysis of its framework relates it to the problem on a larger scale — the organization of partnership between the two integration structures that are operating in Europe. The article convincingly shows that the present-day state of the EC’s “Eastern policy” characterized by an initial quest for an optimal partnership model with the eastern neighbors and by a nearly total absence of relevant economic institutions, political tools and an over-all vision of ultimate goals, welcomes an involvement of the European CIS countries in the continent’s general economic and political processes without infringing established bonds in the post-Soviet space. According to the author’s conclusion, the advancement of the European integration eastward while threatening the unity of the CIS is simultaneously pushing it toward functional and, potentially, to institutional changes.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2008-49-2-18-30