Topychkanov Petr

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  • № 4, 2007

    • Problems of formation of India’s Muslim minority in the context of national construction.

      The article makes a multi-vector analysis of Muslim minority in the modern India (12% of its population, or more than 130 million people in absolute figures). The author compares the positions of Muslim community with those of other groups of population, including in terms of employment in the state and military service. In his opinion, the disproportional presence of Muslims in social and political life is one of the serious problems for independent India. P.Topychkanov believes that partial political, social and economic, and psychological isolation of India’s Muslims influenced by internal and external factors still does not allow to unambiguously answer the question of the unity of the Indian nation.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2007-47-4-184-195