Vainshtein Grigory

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  • № 3, 1999

    • "Global Democratization" and Russian Transit

      A proper assessment of the recent stage of transformations in Russia to a greater extend depend on a definition of the essence of the universal tendencies of "global democratization". Traditional interpretation of these tendencies is based on a simplified idea of a so-called leveling of the international political landscape in accordance with the standards of classical liberal democracies of the Western type. This understanding of the phenomena of the post authoritarian transformations of the "third wave" brings some political scientists to a pessimistic conclusion about a failure of democratic transformations in Russia. A view on the phenomena as on a broader version of a typological diversity of modern democracy seems to be more adequate to the real nature of the transformations going on in the world. Looking at the "global democratization" from this point of view allows not only to understand better the diversity of the world political transformations of the last decades but also to get rid of a number of illusions concerning the Russian transit.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-13-3-105-109

      Pages: 105-109