Voskresensky Alexey

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  • № 3, 1999

    • Russia and China: the Interaction Factors

      After the collapse of the USSR Russia - if not to take into consideration its nuclear potential – has got a status of though a big, but a regional state, while China began developing from a regional state into a world empire. The raise of China concerned the interests of all its neighbors in Asia, especially those of Russia. A number of factors (geopolitical, political, economic, demographic etc.) under certain conditions can either stabilize or destabilize the relations between those two countries. The article analyses the potential impact of those factors on future Russian-Chinese relations and defines the scenarios of use of the potential of the two countries for the development of the reforms policy and modernization.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-13-3-110-122

      Pages: 110-122