Yevgenyeva Tatiana

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  • № 1, 1999

    • Archaic mythology in modern political culture

      The basis for the analysis of the modern social and political situation in Russia is the concept of social and cultural crisis (or socio-cultural crisis), which in relation to an individual has adopted the form of the crisis of identity. The crisis has caused the damage not only to the system of rational (or taken for such) values and norms existing in public consciousness, but to the traditional symbols and stereotypes characteristic to public consciousness. At the same time the process of activation of archaic elements of mass consciousness (which become the foundation for new historical and cultural and political myths)has taken place. The need for re-integration demands to overcome the identification crisis, which leads to the disintegration of Russian cultural and political space. The newly adopted ethnic, regional or any other sub-cultural identity may serve as the basis for the process of re-integration. Under these conditions one of the main characteristic features of Russian modern cultural and political development becomes the process of active myth-creation in all cultural spheres, including political culture. This myth-creation process has become a kind of compensation for socio-cultural and identification crises.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-11-1-33-47

      Pages: 33-47