Yusupovsky Alexander

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  • № 3, 1999

    • Federalism: Whether the "Second Breath"?

      After the collapse of the USSR the threat of potential disintegration of the Russian Federation did not disappear. The very structure of the Federation inherited from the past and inadequate to modern reality is still a long-term factor of disintegration. The author sees an approach to the solution of the problem in integrational policy, in the orientation on the Association of inter-regional economic cooperation that potentially can be much more influential than it is now. The implementation of these measures would allow Russia to pass through the Scylla of preserving the "status quo" and Charybdis of the "administrative reform" that spells the danger of the new spring of the political struggle.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1999-13-3-5-19

      Pages: 5-19