Zadorin I. V.

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  • № 3, 2020

    • Russian Language in Northern Eurasia: Political and Demographic Factors of Prevalence and Usage

      The article considers the main trends in the use of the Russian language in the territory of Northern Eurasia (in the former Soviet republics) and factors affecting the degree of its prevalence. The article analyzes the features and dynamics of the language situation in each post-Soviet country (with the exception of Russia and Turkmenistan), describes the situation in the capitals, among young people and people with higher education. The article provides a typology of the former Soviet republics by the degree of prevalence of the Russian language in them.

      The empirical base of the research is based on the materials of monitoring surveys of the population conducted by the International Association of research agencies "Eurasian monitor" in 2006-2017. The authors focus on the level of use of the Russian language in everyday communication, determined by the percentage distribution of answers to the question: "Tell me, what language do You usually communicate in the family, at home?". The study also used data on the legal status of the Russian language in various countries of the subcontinent, including the legislative acts adopted in them concerning language policy.

      Russian Russian Russian language use in the former Soviet Union is gradually decreasing. This trend is based on both demographic processes (a decrease in the share of the Russian population and a change in generations) and political factors (regulatory measures that restrict the use of the Russian language in office work, the media, and education, and affect its use in everyday life). At the same time, the authors identify a number of factors that work to preserve and even strengthen the position of the Russian language, including a kind of "elitism" of its use and the development of the Runet as a powerful platform for Russian-language communication.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2020-98-3-136-164

      Pages: 136-164