Zarycki Tomasz

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  • № 1, 2003

    • Policy at the periphery through the prism of Lipset-Rokkan formula. The lines of Polish political watersheds in historical and international contexts.

      The article covers attempts to define the structure of Polish political field, to reveal the origins of the lines of the main political watershed reviewing all that in the wide political context. The author moves and substantiates the thesis that the specifics of Polish political differentiation can be best explained from the point of view of the periphery status of this country in comparison with Russia and Western Europe. The classical Lipset-Rokkan model is used in order to interpret both modern situation in Poland and the situation at the turn of the XIX-th and XX-th centuries according to the scheme “centre-periphery”. The author also tries to understand whether the conclusions made in his article are applicable to other countries of the region, in particular to Russia.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2003-28-1-141-164

      Pages: 141-164