Zhirkov Kirill

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  • № 3, 2014

    • Anti-Americanism as Ressentiment and Political Position: Search for Universal Patterns

      The article investigates causes and nature of anti-Americanism in the modern world. On the basis of factor and regression analysis of data from 45 countries K.Zhirkov reveals important differences between cultural and political anti-Americanism, with the former implying negative attitude toward the American culture and its global spread, and the latter – rejection of certain aspects of the US foreign policy. According to the results of the analysis, cultural anti-Americanism is typical for countries with the average level of modernization, while political – for the most developed countries. The analysis also demonstrates that anti-American sentiments are most widely spread in Muslim countries. Overall, the results of the analysis show that anti-Americanism is subject to cross-national patterns and should be studied in a comparative perspective.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2014-74-3-134-148