Zuyev Yuri

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  • № 4, 1997

    • Inter-Confessional Relations and Political Stability in Modern Russia

      The article stresses traditionally positive relations between the adepts of Orthodoxy and of Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.. Each of the confessions has its own specific roots and has its national-cultural influence limits. The relations may get more acute and even grow into conflicts if any of the confessions tries to spread its influence among the adepts of other world religions. The author underlines the claims of the Russian Orthodox Church for a special status, for the most favorable treatment policy on behalf of the state that run counter to the constitutional principles of the secular nature of the Russian state and the equality of all religions before the Law. Such claims may seriously undermine the inter-confessional relations in Russia.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-1997-6-4-60-67

      Pages: 60-67