Shevchuk Sergey

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  • № 2, 2017

    • “Teflon” Rating (Factors of Stable Political Support for V.Putin under Economic Crisis)

      The article attempts to explain V.Putin’s continuously high approval rating under the conditions of economic recession. On the basis of the existing studies of factors of political support, S.Shevchuk elaborates a number of hypotheses that explain this phenomenon and provides empirical tests. His research shows that the contradiction between the poor economic conditions and high level of political support for the Russian president can be largely explained by the “rally ‘round the flag” effect. A number of important domestic and foreign political events contributed to the rise of patriotic sentiments, not least due to the appro- priate coverage by the media. Just when the effect from one event was about to disappear, the effect from the subsequent event stepped in. According to the au- thor, this is the trick that explains the “Teflon” rating of Putin, which remains consistently high despite the mounting socio-economic problems.

      DOI: 10.30570/2078-5089-2017-85-2-80-93